Case Study

Local Marketing Integration Opt-In Platform

Industry: Restaurant

Type: Casual

Corporate vs Franchise: Corporate and Franchise

Number of Locations: 2,000

The Challenge

  • To provide support to the franchise community with regard to local store marketing (LSM) at key seasonal touch points throughout the year.
  • Develop a streamlined process by which the franchisees can participate.

Our Approach

Develop a calendar of seasonally relevant programs to offer throughout the year such as:

  • Local Business Relationship Building
  • Gift Card Support Programs
  • Catering Support
  • Signage Kit
  • School Outreach
  • Summer Fun Initiative

Establish a process for FMM’s and franchisees to opt-in via a streamlined platform.

The Results

  • Achieved a 50% system participation rate in the first year, exceeding the expectation by 10%.
  • Stores that participated saw a 5-12% increase in sales over those that did not.
  • Utilization of LSM for the system increased exponentially as the tools were made available.
  • Franchisees reacted positively to the calendarization which provided them with the opportunity to plan their budgets in advance.

Client Expectation: 40%
Achieved: 50%

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