5 Key Holiday Marketing Ideas

Oct 28,2020

If you haven’t started your planning for the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking of holiday marketing ideas! The buzz is already beginning over holiday shopping, and your brand should be a part of the conversation. Of course, this holiday season will be a bit different and even more competitive than it ever has been before! Here are some tips to ensure you jump to the front of the consideration line this holiday season!

UMI’s Holiday Marketing Ideas

1. Gift Cards are leading the way

Gift card sales are expected to skyrocket this year based on social distancing, increased gratitude for hard working employees and overall ease of purchase. Your customers should be experiencing a gift card wonderland when they are in-store, opening their mailbox and online! Market your gift cards as the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer. And don’t forget to include an incentive such as “buy a $25 gift card and receive $5 for yourself.”

2. Cater to Groups

Nothing says the holidays like parties for hosting (appropriately sized, socially distanced, parties, of course)! Skip the marshmallows for roasting and make your brand the centerpiece to the party by offering holiday catering or group order packages, or maybe even modifying your “quarantine kits” to be holiday themed. Target local businesses and residents with an incentive and BONUS, tag in gift card options specific to their needs to drive incremental revenue.

3. Tis the Season for LTO’s and Seasonal Products

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, and plenty of limited time offers! Seasonal products and LTOs are a must every holiday season but even more so this year as people crave holiday cheer after the events of 2020! And don’t forget the kids! They’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree and looking for fun holiday activities to do!  This is a great opportunity to provide a branded activity sheet or stocking stuffer giveaway just for them.

4. Focus on the Giving

Did you know that people are ten times more likely to become a loyal brand champion if the brand does good for the community? Christmas time is here, it’s time to spread happiness and cheer! There is no better time than the holidays for your brand to give back and lift some spirits. Whether you give back to the community, partner with a charity for donations, or sponsor a local family effected by the pandemic, find a way to make a difference. Make it local, if possible, to truly connect with YOUR consumers.

5. Marketing Channels to consider

Good tidings we bring to you and yours through a variety of platforms! By using a layered, multi-phased approach, you will stay top-of-mind and ensure consideration when making purchase decisions. Layer a fun social media contest with a supplementary direct mail campaign, in-store POP materials and more! It’s especially important to cross promote any giveaways, contest, and deals during this time. As always, use trade area marketing to target local residents and businesses with tactics that garner the maximum results!

We’ve made a list and checked it twice, so use our holiday marketing ideas wisely! Okay, maybe we’re a little too excited for the holiday season, but it’s better to be over-prepared and to get a head start than to be scrambling when December comes. This time of the year is pivotal! If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with your holiday planning, contact UMI today.

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