BOOST Your Brand Awareness… Signage and Printed Material

Sep 20,2022

Using signage and printed materials to enhance brand awareness 

When thinking about the ways you can boost your brand turn to a tried-and-true tactic, one that has stood the test of time, signage. Signage has been around since people first started selling goods and services. Signs let people know who you are and most importantly, what you have to offer. Signage can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Whether you’re one location or one-thousand locations, here are some helpful tips for boosting your brand with signage.  

Signage and Printed Material  

Looking for a way to attract more customers and boost in-store sales? Powerful signage and printed materials can help you maximize your brand’s success. About 67% of consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye, so if it’s not already, make sure signage is a top priority. 

This may seem like a no-brainer when building a brand, but it’s often an overlooked tactic that can greatly increase your visibility and build awareness.  Great signage that’s updated frequently, introducing new or limited offers, and showcasing can’t-miss items, says to the public “Hello, we’re open for business!”.  

Signage doesn’t have to break the bank either; it can be as simple as adding a banner to your storefront to draw people in. Communities also love to rally around local talent. Utilizing local artists to design A-frames can be a unique way of getting people’s attention! 

A recent report indicates that signage can increase your brand’s awareness by nearly 50% and boost purchases by upwards of 30%. Better yet, nearly 65% of businesses that updated their signage reported an increase in revenue. 

The science behind signage  

Signs are a great way to get your brand noticed, and they can help you build trust with potential customers. But what makes a sign truly effective?  

For starters, the words used in the copy of the sign play a large role in its overall impact. Words like; you, try, now, get, and free, seem to be the most successful action words to use. The words you use are important, for a sign to be truly effective, but there also has to be some part of it that speaks directly to your ideal buyer persona.  

This part can be tricky, and that’s why multi-unit brands across the country trust UMI to not only help determine who their ideal customers might be but to also help implement custom signage and printed materials that specifically support each of their locations and the people in their local trade area.  

If you’re an emerging brand, when developing your signage strategy think about each of the communities you are in and try identifying the customer types you see most often. For a multi-unit brand, each location is unique and has its own unique demographics that can vary widely from city to city and state to state. Partnering with UMI, brands give their franchisees the power to customize signage and materials based on relevant territory data in UMI’s custom portal which enables signage, flyers, coupons, and cards to speak directly to potential customers. Having the ability to maintain consistent messaging, coupled with the ability to easily customize assets is just one of the many ways UMI supports fast-growing multi-location brands.  

Let Us Create Your Signage 

UMI has worked with many of the nation’s most recognizable brands to provide a cutting-edge custom-made portal solution that serves as a one-stop shop for creating, ordering, and executing successful marketing programs.  

Our dedicated team of marketing experts combined with advanced reporting capabilities monitors the lifecycle of materials ordered and can highlight key performance metrics that help inform future decisions. These tools, in addition to the wide breadth of services we offer, allow UMI to be a natural extension of your existing marketing and operations teams.  

Want to see how UMI can BOOST your brand? Click here to speak with one of our experts today! 

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