Data-Driven Decisions: The Future of Modern Marketing

Mar 02,2021

Data-driven marketing is the key to short and long-term success. So much so that 2 out of 3 marketers said data-driven decisions were more successful than gut feeling advertisements. Utilizing data allows you to target current and prospective customers with ease and maximize your marketing budget and tools. Casting a one-size-fits-all net is a marketing trend of the past as 74% of customers are frustrated when they’re targeted with irrelevant advertising. Market more effectively with data-driven decisions.

What are the Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing?

Collecting and interpreting data can be daunting, but the benefits it provides is more than worth it. You’ll learn about the specifics of the audience you’re reaching and how to pin-point who you have in mind. Using this method of marketing helps you:

  • Increase new customers 
  • Gain clarity about your target audience and refine it
  • Uncover the best outlets to reach your target audience
  • Ensure customer loyalty with targeted, relevant content
  • Build stronger connections with your followers, customers, and prospects
  • Personalize actions so customers feel like you’re connecting specifically with them

When you personalize advertising to your customers, you can expect a 5x-8x higher ROI!

How Do I Apply This On a Local Level?

Distilling data to make it work for you is simplified with trade area marketing. This breaks down the geography of your target market, so you’re able to analyze mobile insights, traffic patterns, social media profile tracking, and demographic insight. Trade area marketing unpacks the geography of your target market, so reaching your desired audience is streamlined and straightforward. Understand the optimum opportunities in your community through data and drive local business faster than ever. 

How Can UMI Help?

UMI specializes in trade area marketing and analysis, to give you a market edge. We take the guesswork out of what will work, how to best approach advertising, and making sure your message reaches the right people. We break it down by identifying current and potential customers so you can personalize your marketing efforts and relationship building. By working with you to identify the markets you want to target, we’ll design a strategic plan and execute it from start to finish. 

Capitalize on data-driven marketing and build a connection with your current and future customers. Data is king in modern marketing techniques and will help you understand what your customers are looking for. Contact UMI to make the most of data-driven marketing and maximize your business potential with trade area analysis. 

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