Why it Pays to Plan Ahead

Oct 08,2022

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Christmas. 

Kidding, but it feels like that, huh? How early is too early to start planning for the upcoming holiday retail season? We’d say never –– especially since shoppers are expected to return to physical stores in droves this year.

If you’re in retail, we’re sure you’re already thinking ahead. Here’s why it pays to plan ahead.

Gift Cards & Sleeves

Make sure you’re stocked up with custom gift cards and sleeves. Custom cards and envelopes make for an especially classy presentation, and they’re a great way to let customers know about your brand’s attention to consistent, thoughtful details. The standard To/From spaces are design musts, but you can also leave room for location info or any other messaging. 


Signs, signs, everywhere signs. According to the 2021 Criteo Consumer Sentiment Index Survey, 33% of consumers discovered the last product they purchased inside a physical store. The season of celebration and gifting always inspires customers to reach for items they might not  typically buy. 

Window clings  and displays call attention to sales and special events. Free-standing floor displays highlight holiday-themed products and offer a tempting opportunity to grab a little extra something. Think beyond simple shelving, though –– custom-designed vinyl floor decals have become a must over the past year. Thinking beyond the operational aspects, savvy marketers can creatively help customers navigate high-traffic areas and find their way to in-demand items.

Banners & Stanchion Signs

Pro tip: keep signage as close to eye level as you can. Holiday decorations help your space feel warm and festive, but consider the amount of visual stimulation your shoppers are taking in. Keep information about your best deals and hottest products front, center, and easy to read.

Hiring for the Holidays

Many retailers are looking for seasonal help, and the rebirth  of QR-based information has streamlined the application process. QR codes don’t help anyone when they’re unscannable, though. Instead of a banner hung in a difficult-to-reach place, try custom table placards or window decals for your front door.

Installing your signage early helps build excitement and anticipation in advance. Boost your brand identity, promote new holiday products and sale items, and create a festive seasonal atmosphere with multi-element holiday campaigns. You know what’s always in season? Getting  in touch with UMI about marketing solutions! Let us know how we can make your holiday season a little easier! 

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