Modernizations of Direct Mail Marketing

Dec 18,2020

While some quarantiners got creative with their hobbies during COVID-19 by learning to bake bread or becoming an expert puzzle master, brands also became inventive with one of the most tried-and-true methods of marketing: direct mail. With people paying attention to their mail more than ever, COVID-19 reminded marketers of the effectiveness of this tactic and brought about some interesting innovations like popups and video mailers to capture consumer attention. Check out why direct mail still dominates as a successful sales tactic and learn new modernizations of this age-old marketing strategy.


Direct mail marketing isn’t dying out anytime soon. In fact, studies show that direct mail is more engaging and motivating than you might think. Direct mail motivates 29% higher brand recall than digital advertising alone and can also be 20% more likely to provoking action. That’s because direct mail has a huge advantage over digital: the power of touch. Touch is much more stimulating, making for a truly interactive experience than you would have with a screen. Direct mail is becoming even more stimulating and memorable with recent innovations.


Marketers have become more creative in capturing consumer attention through direct mail. With the invention of “pop up” pieces, consumers will have a little surprise inside their mailbox when it springs into action. There is also such a thing as video mailers now with a screen to show a short clip instantly. Some other fun innovations in direct mail marketing include die cuts, web key brochures, custom VR viewers and lenticular postcards. These modernizations are only the beginning for this booming industry.


Today, there are more routes of distribution than ever when sending out a direct mail campaign. USPS offers the Every Door Direct Mail program to help you effectively target precise Zip Codes™ and reach a specific audience. This is extremely helpful with trade area marketing when you are building relationships within a certain radius around your business. You can also utilize shared mail to group your product with other advertisers and lower your cost thereby increasing your return. Or, you could always go for the tried and true one-one-one method of distribution with direct mail marketing.

Direct mail will continue to modernize and push the boundaries of what we think is possible to bring you results. That’s why we are constantly using direct mailers in our clients’ strategies to garner brand recognition and create memorable impressions. See how we helped our corporate retail client achieve a 14.5% ROI with a strategic direct mail campaign. If you’re interested in getting these kind of results, contact us today.

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