Be Prepared for Summer Marketing

May 26,2022

It’s no secret that routines and customer spending habits change during the summer months. Your franchisees need a nimble marketing machine that can roll out location-specific promotions – and promotional materials – as fast as possible. What summer sales slump? With a little strategic planning, and a lot of support from the marketing partner, you won’t be feeling the burn.

Even if you’re in an industry that typically experiences a higher volume of business during the summer, like mosquito control or shaved ice, the right promotion in your summer marketing will give you a competitive advantage. People are already thinking about your product or service. A discount or promotion can encourage them to choose you.

But what if you know your business usually experiences a summer sales slowdown? Use promotions to generate interest and demand before the lull hits. Are your franchisees empowered with a technology platform that enables location-specific ordering and swift delivery? Many fun summertime promotions, like temperature-based discounts, depend on efficient execution and implementation.   

The Power of Promotional Products

T-shirts, Frisbees, hats, water bottles – the list of summer-friendly customizable promotional items is virtually endless. They’re all great at boosting brand and product recognition.

Deciding what you want to give away, though, is just the first step. The right marketing partner won’t stop when the brand-specific design is done. Make sure you’re working with someone who has the capability to follow through with supply chain, material procurement, and distribution expertise. 

Encourage Your Customers to Spread the Word 

If brand awareness doesn’t dip, neither will your sales. Your target audience is probably on vacation, busy enjoying the outdoors, and generally spending less time than usual in front of screens. That means you need to meet them where they are. 

Consider sponsoring your own event, and keep an eye out for opportunities to set up a booth somewhere you know your customers are likely to gather. Remember all those cool summer promo items you came up with? You don’t necessarily need to be selling in order to engage. Free swag continues to be one of the most popular and persuasive engines behind brand growth.  

Considering a Brand Overhaul? Summer Could Be Just the Right Time

More visibility means more sales. Are your current logo and branding still relevant to the brand identity you want to build and the growth goals you want to achieve? Summer is a great time to consider a refresh. Launching a new look is another way to generate buzz and jump-start sleepy summer sales.  

Curious about how the brand growth experts at UMI can help you conquer your summer marketing goals? Book a demo with us. Your marketing partner should be your cheerleader and mentor, someone who knows your brand inside out and meets all your brand standards all year round. 

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