Strategies to Increase Local Marketing Participation

Jun 27,2022

Motivating local operators to participate in marketing campaigns in their community.  

While nationwide marketing is key to establishing a reputable brand, local operators rely on the flexibility to personalize efforts to their communities. That’s why successful brands anticipate the marketing need and entrust their local experts with strategies that benefit everyone. 

  1. Make it EASY 

If your marketing programs are too complicated, they will never get done. Brands can start by making it easy to execute local marketing efforts. Local operators can get started by eliminating bureaucratic red tape to accommodate seasonality, holidays, and meaningful community events (Hint: we can help). S.N.A.P. PlatformTM is a true one-stop shop with everything your operators need to seamlessly and effectively market their businesses and your brand – from print materials, digital assets, promotional items, and more. 

  1. Make it REWARDING 

What is one of the most significant ways to motivate people? Incentives. Consider a little friendly competition between locations to keep local operators engaged in local marketing and make it a priority instead of an afterthought. A marketing dashboard is a great way to highlight top performers and provides insight into what approaches work and what falls short of goals.  

The proof may not be in the pudding, but it is in the data! Local operators are more likely to adopt a specific tactic if it’s proven to work for their peers. Make it easy to promote success, explain why it worked, and empower local operators to add it to their local marketing efforts. You never know what’ll work until you try it. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

  1. Make it LOCAL 

Everyone has something to bring to the table. Entrust your operators with some creative freedom, so they can take ownership of their materials and leverage their insights about the communities they work and often live in. They know the market beyond stats – maybe a local little league team needs a sponsor. Customizable marketing templates allow them to tailor their materials without misrepresenting the brand. 

Tap into your resources! What works on a national level may not be the right fit. For example, a push for outdoor dining will gain more traction in Miami than in Seattle due to weather conditions, or maybe there’s an opportunity for brand collaboration or sponsorship of a  local parade or community event.  

  1. Make it FAST 

Every businessperson knows speed is power. If pre-designed assets are available for local operators to download, print, or display, they can hit the ground running to blend seasonality and community needs with brand standards. Our extensive network of supply chain and production partners ensures we can get what your operators need 60% faster. 

Your local operators are your greatest resource for feedback, feedback, feedback! What works on a smaller scope, and what’s a better fit elsewhere. UMI has some of the greatest resources to execute multi-unit marketing efforts on a national and local level seamlessly and on time. We’re committed to the success of our partners, and the results prove it – we recently helped our clients increase LSM participation by 50% and bolster their underperforming units using these four tactics, and we can help your brand too.  

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