To Hug or Not to Hug? That is the Question.

Jun 28,2021

Planning to host an event this summer? You’ve probably already been thinking about ways to ease the transition from online to in-person events. Safety is a concern, of course, but so is comfort: some of your guests might feel tentative about sharing indoor together time again, while others are hankering for the return of handshakes and hugs. Here are some ideas about how to please everyone.        

Give them some space. It might take some time for people to readjust to sharing space again, and that’s fine! For a seated affair, maybe take the number of chairs per table down a couple. A little breathing room is more than welcome. That goes for event programming, too. People are going to want some time to (remember how to) talk to each other again, so leave a little extra time between presentations.

Go hybrid. The Zoom fatigue is real, but still, a lot of people might not yet feel ready to attend a big conference. Try hosting a smaller in-person event with a simultaneous webcast. Tuning in to a live event feels a little more dynamic than sitting in front of a webinar, and seeing people interact in-person again can do wonders for morale. When you start small, you can gauge the comfort level of your guests and plan your next move from there. An intimate barbecue could be just right for early July, and that’ll help you know who’s ready for a block party in late August.    

Get out there. Outdoor events will continue to be popular for a long time to come. See if you can get creative with the spaces you book, and consider spending a little bit more for decorations and comfortable seating. Don’t forget about accessibility. Courtyards, patios, and public green spaces are great, but smooth, unobstructed walkways are essential. If you’re reserving space in a park, double check the bathroom situation before you start pouring drinks. 

Enjoy yourself. This party-planning tip is as old as the hills, but it bears repeating: a relaxed host makes for relaxed guests. Don’t fuss with last-minute details when you should be mingling and making an impression. Let UMI help! We can coordinate and manage your event from start to finish. We’ll take care of hiring vendors, onsite management, street team outreach, gift sourcing – everything it takes to make a party feel polished. Your customers are ready to have fun again. Join them! 

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